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City of Orange

300 E. Chapman Ave, Orange , CA, 92866, US




Business Survey

1. What business industry does your business fall under:

2. Number of Employees

3. Level of impact to your business as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Significant Moderate Marginal None N/A
a. Reduction in business hours
b. Staff working from home/telecommuting
c. Decreased business
d. Decreased payroll
e. Employee furloughs/lay-off’s
f. Financial liquidity (working capital/cash flow)
g. Operational challenges (delays in chair supply, logistics, getting goods to market)
h. Operational pressures (cancelled contracts, access to materials)
i. Forced to temporarily/permanently close

4. What are the City’s best methods to provide information about the City’s COVID-19 response? (choose 2 max)

5. Are you interested in finding out more about the following resources?

6. Would you like a follow-up call from the City’s Economic Development Department?

OPTONAL** The City is gathering a list of businesses open to the public. If you would like your business added to the list, please provide the following information:

Full Name